Saas building blocks

I am creating a number of “building blocks” to easy the creation of saas applications using .net core.

I spent some time looking to see if others have done this already and didn’t find a lot, there are some paid frameworks available but having tried them I wasn’t impressed so I am creating my own.

I will release these components as open source projects and put the source on GitHub.

The Blocks

I am going to create a few simple blocks which can be used together to quickly create a .net core saas application. The blocks I have in mind at the moment are:

  • JWT Auth endpoints using standard .net Users and Roles.
  • Features and plans

Aside from this I will ensure these two basic blocks can work with Finbuckle as this will be the Multi-tenant framework I will work with, its highly flexible so very happy to use it for this.

JWT Auth

The JWT auth block will be very simple, if you need something complex there are lots of options for that.

I will make it available via a base controller within a nuget package and some configuration.

Features and plans

Features and plans will be hooked into stripe for payment and will allow you to limit features to specific plans.

I’ve not fully considered everything this block needs to do at this stage, it will be simple in terms of its Tax calculations to start with, but I hope to allow flexibility so that different pricing models can be configured.

I will post on the blog and on twitter once I have something to share.

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